Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Law, Nursing and Animation Colleges

Law, Nursing and Animation Colleges

There are various career options for the students. For the students who want to go ahead with their creative skills, there are animation colleges. For the children who are keen on learning more like law colleges or nursing colleges. This article provides you with animation, law and nursing colleges available in India, in detail.


Earlier one could not get much pay from creative world. Creative courses were given less weight age than any other course. But in recent years, with the boom in animation field, one can express hi or her creativity openly and can also take home heavy packages. There are many colleges in India, providing a diploma course and also bachelor’s degree in animation. Following are some of the colleges:

5 Gate Multimedia Solutions (Indore)
Anitoons Productions (Delhi)
Arena – Animation (Mumbai)
Ah Graphic Studios (Chennai)
Ambitious Entertainment (Pune)


With the discovery of new diseases, work of the hospitals has increased. Nursing courses teach the students to help and take care of ailing humans. No medical service is complete without the help of the nurse.. There are various colleges available in India. The training sessions include both practical and theory. In initial course students are taught the basic of nursing and later in master’s degree they can get trained in a specialized field. Here are names of some of the nursing colleges:

Christian medical college ( Ludhiana)
All India Institute of Medical Sciences ( New Delhi)
Army college of Nursing ( Jalandhar)
West Bengal University of Health Sciences ( Bengal)
Manipal Academy


Every year around 1200 to 1500 students get enrolled which clearly shows the growth of this field. The students in the final year are taken as apprentices in law firms and given training. There are many law colleges which help train the students under experienced and highly trained faculty. It takes a student several years to become a full fledged lawyer. Following are some of the colleges:

Symbiosis Law College ( Pune)
Faculty of law ( D. U , Delhi)
The Government Law College (Mumbai)
ILS Law College ( Pune)
Faculty of law ( Bananas)

The above list of law colleges, nursing colleges and animation colleges, provides the best education in their respective fields and promise a secure future.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New Tax Laws

Senators have finally struck a deal on a revamped, 0 billion economic stimulus package (originally 9 billion), paving the way for the stimulus bills passage and allowing President Barack Obama to implement his plans for reviving the economy. The plan had grown to nearly trillion, causing much debate across party lines, but worsening job numbers and last minute deal making/changes got the rescue package over the line. Once passed, the Senate bill will have to be reconciled with the House version before being sent to Obama.


The House of Representatives approved the 9 billion economic stimulus plan by a 244-188 majority. The Republicans (GOP) did not support the bill, as President Obama had hoped, and it now heads for a Senate vote, with a goal of getting it signed into law on President's day. Democrats hold an effective 58-41 majority in the Senate, so the bill should get passed despite GOP opposition to the package's make-up.

Republicans said the bill relies too much on spending and not enough on tax cuts to boost the economy. But Obama's "I won (the election)" line shows that his approach is the one that voters want and that Republicans shouldn't expect to get their way.


In an effort to provide greater transparency and build bipartisan support for the largest stimulus plan in the nation's history, President Obama and his team have laid out more details about the 5 Billion Economic Recovery Plan. This plan includes the much anticipated 0 billion plus in Consumer stimulus, now the form of tax rebates, which many families are keenly anticipating. I have written in detail about the makeup of the consumer stimulus, which basically gives tax breaks – based on income – worth 0 to individuals and ,000 for couples.

This will be paid via adjusting the withholding on people's paychecks or as a credit when tax returns are filed. It is estimated that 95% of families will benefit from the new tax rebate.


However the consumer stimulus (tax rebates) are only one part of Obama's recovery plan and is more of a short term measure to jump start the economy. In the long term though the focus is to create jobs (3 to 4 million) and upgrade our nations infrastructure and facilities to the 21st century. Here are some of the other key measures in the economic recovery plan:


Double within three years the amount of energy that could be produced from renewable resources. That is an ambitious goal, given the 30 years it took to reach current levels. Advisers say that could power 6 million households.

Upgrade 10,000 schools and improve learning for about 5 million students.

Build a new electricity grid that lay down more than 3,000 miles of transmission lines to convey this new energy from coast to coast.

Save taxpayers billion a year by making 75% of federal buildings more energy efficient, and save the average working family 0 on their energy bills by weatherizing 2.5 million homes.

Computerize the nation's heath record in five years, saving billions of dollars in health care costs and countless lives.

Repairing and modernizing thousands of miles of America's roadways and providing new mass transit options for millions of Americans


The plan would spend at least 75% of the total cost, or more than 0 billion, within the first 18 months. The graphic from the NY times shows where the money will be spent over the next few years. President Obama's recovery plan has come under heavy criticism from the Republicans who argue that spending is titled more toward slow moving government and infrastructure spending rather than more aggressive long term tax cuts. However, with the President enjoying huge amounts of support and political capital it is unlikely the Republicans will have much sway in changing the allocation of funds in the recovery package. As he told them in a meeting with senior senators, "I won (so I get to do what I want)" House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said yesterday that she is committed to having a stimulus bill passed and ready for Obama to sign by the President's Day holiday on February 16.


President Obama is also committed to providing greater transparency and accountability for all the government spending (via a stimulus spend tracking website), one of the key criticisms under the Bush administration. All in all, I think law makers all over the country realize the dire economic straits the nation is facing and the need for action. Time is of essence, or our great grandchildren could still be dealing with the economic fallout. As Obama himself said in his weekly radio address, "In short, if we do not act boldly and swiftly, a bad situation could become dramatically worse...We could lose a generation of potential, as more young Americans are forced to forgo college dreams or the chance to train for the jobs of the future."

Monday, January 10, 2011

Need Help with Those Student Loans?

There are often cases of Law students using their newfound legal understanding against the universities which they attend. The danger of teaching students legal information that could be used against them is a risk law professors have long been aware of. With the job market taking a bit of a downturn, however, performing well at university has become all the more important.

With the higher stakes for university students have come a lot more cases of students suing universities. What's more, it is not only a law student's game anymore. Individuals studying everything from midwifery to theatre are bringing lawsuits against universities. They hire west London solicitors or a lawyer from elsewhere, and make their case.

Andrew Croskery, a student at Queen's University Belfast, is in engaged in a much talked about case against the university he attends.

His case disputing a grade of 2:2 in electrical engineering is currently being evaluated by the high court. Mr Croskery is arguing that if he had received better supervision from the university his grade would have been higher.

Queen's University Belfast's lawyers are arguing that the judicial system is not the proper forum for the case, and thus it should be thrown out. For the high court to take a case like this would be uncommon but not unheard of. For example, last year a midwifery student at Oxford Brookes made the case that the high court should be able to interfere with the university's claim that she was not cut out to be a housewife because of her performance in a course there. She was successful.

With the job market as fragile as it is, no doubt other student will be motivated by much talked about successes like the aforementioned. Is this development really a good thing for Uk students and universities, however?

Some might assert that holding universities accountable is always a good thing, even if students do it in the judicial system. There is certainly a compelling case to be made that universities cannot police themselves internally with regard to some issues, and thus students should be able to deal with such issues in court.

The other side of the issue is that students are likely to begin taking advantage of the legal system to bring up their grades much more regularly. Some students are already trying to do just this, but the courts have done an excellent job so far of weeding out such people.

The ultimate barometer on whether or not lawsuits against universities are out of hand will be if solicitors in London and elsewhere start specializing in such cases. Law lecturers will really have to be careful then.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Colleges For Architecture, B.Ed And Law Helping Students In Non-Professional Courses

With the craze for technological subjects at its peak, there is sometimes the threat on the backtracking of the other important subjects like architecture, bachelor in education or even law. Apart from the fact that technical education and skills are important for an overall growth of the country in terms of technology, there are other streams also, which can make professionals out of the students. These courses have been gaining ground in the scenario of rush for engineering and medical streams.

Opportunities for the students of architecture are many. One thing that is required is that people, especially the students, should be ready, to take up the chance to study in the architecture colleges in India. Transcending the times, when such courses were not much in demand and were being overshadowed by the technical courses, a stage has been reached where the students are opting for architecture courses at the bachelor’s level.

To help in this endeavour of the students, many architecture colleges in India have come up, such as School of Planning and Architecture in Delhi, Sir JJ College of Architecture in Mumbai, Birla Institute of Technology in Mesra, Chitkara School of Planning and Architecture in Chandigarh, Rizvi College of Architecture in Mumbai, etc.

Most of these colleges have well equipped labs and workshops with teachers who are proficient and well known in their fields.

It is obvious then, that students from far and wide, would like to get admissions in the best architecture colleges in India. Similarly, the requirements of teachers at primary and secondary levels, is very much necessary, if the foundation of education and gaining of knowledge has to be strengthened at the basic level.

For such a concept to come true, there is requirement of more teachers, who can get the required qualifications by enrolling and studying in the B.Ed colleges in India. Loretto College B.ed Department in Kolkata, Government College of Education in Chandigarh, St. Xavier’s College of Education in Patna, Loyola College of Education in Chennai, Army Institute of Education in Delhi, etc are some of the noteworthy institutes which have been imparting the B.ed courses to the students since long days.
Students, who are aspiring to become teachers after their education and those who like educating the students, should go for the courses as the pay structure and the professional satisfaction is quite good in being a teacher. Lawyers have become an important cog in the wheel of social system and are required to help people understand the different facets of the law of the land. In case of any legal tangle, the lawyers come for help.

It is required that they are competent enough to deal with such cases by the virtue of their education in law colleges in India, where the quality of education is of the highest standard. Students, who are aspiring to pursue such subjects, and not go for the conventional engineering and management courses, will pay rich dividends in the future. Not very difficult, these subjects are gradually gaining the attention in today’s competitive world, were people are looking at a variety of opportunities that would make them comfortable.