Thursday, July 19, 2012

Make Students Say, " We Love Writing!”

If you have a great interest in writing, you can give academic writing help to your students. It does not mean that you become the one finishing their writing assignments. You can become assistance for your students. It will not only help your students to write properly but also to make yourself happy since you can give something useful for your students. Therefore, you can try some ways to make your students love writing.

The first way is to ask your students writing outside the classroom. You can teach them to think out of the box by breaking any limits or borders. Sometimes, students easily get bored when they are “trapped” in a room. You should make sure that you give a freedom for your students to write anything. If necessary, you can stimulate them with some ideas or inspirations exist in our surroundings. Tell your students that they are free to write anything from their mind. It can be their feelings, their problems, or experience.

The second way is to ask your students writing their personal experience. Maybe you have an experience to give a letter writing help to your student. Then, you know that the easiest way to build enthusiasm in writing is to write something which is related or close to our life. Once a week, you can let one of your students to read his/her personal experience on his/her journal. Do not forget to allocate your time to read all of your students’ work. You can give some rewards to those having an impressive personal experience. This can motivate your students to write more.

However, there is a possibility that it may take a quite long time to make all of your students love writing. The key is to let your students feel fun and enjoyable when they are writing. Once they get motivated or excited into writing, gradually they will love writing and more so that they get addicted into writing.