Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Law School Admission Essay

Admission essay is also referred as personal statement. It is vital part of the law school application process. It is one of the most stressing aspect in admission because students may be denied admission if they fail to write a clear convincing admission essay. Writing admission essay is a process, not a mere discrete event.  It involves preparation, researching and composing the essay using the most convincing words. In order to write a convincing admission essay, the following steps should be adhered to. The introduction is the most important part of the application essay. The first sentence should introduce the essay and capture the attention of the reader.  In the introduction, you should keep the reader interested in reading. The first sentence should be unique and grab the attention of the reader.

It should express your desire to study the subject and highlight why you are applying for the program. The body should have several paragraphs that support the information that was given in the introduction.  Every paragraph should come with a transition sentence. Each paragraph should also have a resolution which ends the paragraph with a meaningful sentence. 

The following should be included in the body of the paragraph: The first step in writing graduate admission essay involves carrying out a thorough personal assessment process.  You need to take a lot of time in the process of self-exploration to understand all personal details. The first step is therefore to sit down with a pad and write down comprehensive personal details. You should write what you feel is natural for you and, it is important to first take notes that exemplify your personal strengths.

Begin with what drives you. Describe all your hopes, dreams, and aspirations that drive you everyday.  What are you hoping to gain from the graduate study? Consider different thinks about you including: Hobbies, projects you have participated in, jobs you have taken, Responsibilities, Major accomplishments in life, life events that you feel motivates your most, People who have influenced you most in you life, traits, work habits, and attitudes that will ensure that you fulfill your goals. You should carefully consider all your academic records and personal accomplishments you have had in life. Talk about values, attitudes, personal qualities, and experiences. Pair everything up and show how this graduate program will assist you to achieve your hopes and aspirations in life. Research about the program you are applying for. Know all what it entails. After you understand the program well including all the contents, duration, and others, talk of your personal strengths will assist you to accomplish this and how the contents of the program will assist you in future life. The last paragraph of the law school admission essay  , should restate you interest of joining the program.  It should state all the key points that were mentioned in the body including experiences and accomplishments. It should end with a positive note with one or two sentences that grabs the attention of the reader.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

London Divorce Solicitors

When it comes to dealing with money and divorce, it is important to know what has to be taken into account and the powers available to arrive at fair decisions.

For most couples, the basic problem is how to finance two separate households from income and assets which previously provided for only one.

The first consideration of the courts is the welfare of any children, although in most cases they have little power to order maintenance for children because that function is now performed by the Child Support Agency.

The Matrimonial Causes Act 1973 sets out the factors to be considered by the courts in deciding questions about money. The courts will consider:

1. on the one hand, the income, earning capacity, property and other financial resources available and, on the other hand, the financial needs, obligations and responsibilities, which each of the parties to the marriage has or is likely to have in the foreseeable future;
2. the standard of living enjoyed by the family prior to the breakdown of the marriage;
3. the age and health of each party to the marriage and the duration of the marriage;
4. the contributions which each of the parties has made or is likely in the foreseeable future to make to the welfare of the family, including looking after the home or caring for the family;
5. the value to each of the parties to the marriage of any benefit (for example, a pension) which, by reason of the dissolution or annulment of the marriage, a party will lose the chance of acquiring.

Essentially, the courts, or the solicitors or mediators negotiating in anticipation of obtaining a court order, will apply these factors to the family assets which are available to be split between a divorcing couple. It is a process of listing all sources of finance to discover how big a cake is available to be cut up and then achieving a fair and reasonable division.

The court has virtually unlimited powers to transfer and divide assets between spouses and usually does this by using the following types of order, for one or other of the spouses, or for the child(ren), together known as ancillary relief:

* an order for maintenance pending suit;
* a periodical payments order;
* a secured provision order;
* a lump sum order;
* a property adjustment order; and
* for a spouse only, a pension sharing/attachment order.

In exercising its powers, the court has an obligation to consider whether to make an arrangement which will bring about a clean break between the parties as soon as is reasonably possible. In most cases this does occur.

Recent case law has made significant changes to the approach of the courts when ruling on the division of assets on divorce. In general, 'matrimonial property' (wealth generated during the marriage) is regarded as warranting an approximately equal division and non-matrimonial property (which is brought into the marriage or created independently after it ceases)and belonging mainly to the prerson introducing or creating it.

The thing that surprises most clients is that the courts will not take conduct into account except in the most extreme circumstances and if it would be unjust to ignore it. The courts are mainly concerned with practical money matters.

The best way to achieve a fair settlement is to ensure that all the necessary financial information (such as pension and house valuations, investments held and earnings) is collected at an early stage.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

About Law Term Papers

Much like the fields of Architecture and also health-related sciences, law requires that the aspiring student continually proves themselves worth holding the title that comes with the legal studies at an institution. Lawyers are expected to have got legal facts at the top of their heads and also to possess a large sensitivity for the verbally expressed as well as the written word. Law Term papers tend to be essays in which students are asked to meticulously analyze a predicament and find a remedy rapidly as well as successfully. Law Term papers usually necessitate the university scholar to meticulously evaluate the actual legal document and to reply appropriately by demonstrating that they've read widely as well as performed a lot of investigation. Just like every coursework, law papers form a major portion of the training for a scholar throughout a school of law.

Whether the actual law paper is being carried out for an undergrad, postgraduate or a legal studies college, the demands of the Law Papers on the mental abilities of the university scholar is normally immense.

Rigors Associated with Authoring Law Term Papers

Law Term Papers call upon the scholar to have enormous reserves of knowledge on legal ideas and also practice. The Law Term Papers seldom include constrictive subjects and also they have an inclination to possess a very wide reach in terms of knowledge. Students thus have to be in a position to draw from these kinds of reserves of information as well as think extensively.

In law, what seems apparent isn't necessarily what it seems, but issues that are ostensibly complicated might have very simple remedies too. It is left to the college pupil authoring papers to create a judicious conclusion on what option would be the best suit for the problem in their hands. The language standard in law papers must also be very high. The future law student should be fashioned to be adept at conveying their own ideas verbally and also on their particular papers. Law Term papers are specifically sensitive as any errors that may feature in them may have some very unfortunate consequences. Mistakes in the way in which linguistic communication is used can be quite costly towards the party which has drafted the Law Term Papers. The university scholar is actually required to present their awareness for this reality through the use of legal language and steering clear of any sayings that can potentially distort their messages.


Sunday, November 6, 2011

Professional Counseling for Students

Right from the time a child is born,  his parents start thinking about his education, his career and his future.  His mother wants the child to be a doctor but the father wants him to be a pilot. In the tussle between the dreams of both parents, somewhere along the line,  the child’s dreams, hopes and most importantly aptitude is forgotten. A fathers unfulfilled dreams are to be fulfilled by the son and so on. Parents practically brainwash their kids to think that he was born to be an engineer, doctor or pilot.  For all you know, the kid wants to be an artist but never got a chance to utilize his painting skills! He was too busy solving problems day and night. In the process, he might end up becoming an engineer, but he is going to be a bad professional because he may not have the aptitude for it. He might end up being a  ‘not-so-happy’ individual!

Therefore, it is very essential that kids are brought up the right way and all his talents and skills are honed and sharpened.

If math is important, well then so is learning other languages. If music is his hobby, so be it! In such a scenario, professional counseling and guidance is very essential for kids. The ultimate question of career choice is not a minor one. The decision needs to be taken seriously and carefully, keeping in mind the students ability, capacity, inclination and aptitude. If he does not understand math at all, engineering is definitely not his life-long profession!

Professional counseling helps students develop strategies to cope with academic and personal pressures. Counselors are specially trained individuals who understand the students psyche, by conducting aptitude tests and emotional quotient tests in order to understand the student properly.

It is a one on one interaction with the student, along with a battery of tests, to help the student understand himself better. Every school, college and educational institute has a counseling department and students are encouraged to talk to the professional counselors to make a prudent and wise decision about their future. Imagine a student who sings fantastically but because of pressure from her family, is only encouraged to attend law school. She may become a lawyer but is she really going to enjoy her life to the fullest? Most likely not!

Students have their own social pressures and issues. They might not be discussing or sharing their issues with their parents. In fact, many a times, parents are not equipped to deal or guide their child, as a student in the most unbiased way. In such cases, professional counselors are the best way. They are professionally trained to help students in various ways. They have scientific ways and means to help and guide students. Counseling is not necessary only for emotionally unstable people or students who are failing miserably. A student excelling in studies also might need counseling. Ultimately, he is at an age where complete and correct guidance is very necessary. This is the time and age when crucial decisions need to be taken very prudently. A step in the wrong direction might hamper the students growth in the field of their strongest abilities and they will not be living their true, authentic life.

Why take a chance? These students are the future of our country , therefore creating the world our children will live in and they are also pillars of support for the older generations. They need to be happy in life and fostering this is every parents and teachers responsibility.