Saturday, October 20, 2012


Recently, many people have enjoyed to learn violin at home. Learning a music instrument such as violin can be not an easy task. Sometimes, we must have more than a talent. Before becoming a professional and skillful violinist, a person must show his or her persistence to give his or her best playing violin. More than anything else, we must have courage to start trying or playing violin. There are several things we should know on how to start playing violin to be good violinist.

The first one is our motivation. If you have a good and strong motivation to learn a violin, the only thing you have to is just to keep moving forward. Conveying a message from your play should sincerely come from your heart. When you have no motivation to play violin, you will end up with playing violin without any excitement. The second one is our persistence and consistency to practice regularly. More so, if you want to be skillful, you must always sharpen your skill every day. We can start with a short time. For instance, we can start to take fifteen minutes to practice playing violin every day and stick with the schedule you have made.