Friday, June 24, 2011

James Caplan Law Office Launch New Campaign To Help Potential Law Students

James Caplan Law Office Launch New Campaign To Help Law Students

James Caplan Law Office announced on April 26, 2011 that they have launched a new campaign to help disadvantage students gain entrance into law school. The LEAP (Law Education Acceptance Program) was design to focus on inner city students who are perhaps interested in pursuing a Law Degree.

The goal of the program is to work with high school counselors in introducing interested students to the curriculum required to get accepted into law school. With many of the issues facing urban and inner city residents, there now exist the need for more legal professionals who can relate to the current social challenges and who are also willing to give back to the community.

The program will expose high school seniors to a curriculum loaded with political science and constitutional law classes.

The program founder and director James Caplan says that exposure is the key to education and credits a similar program as his inspiration.

"I had the privilege of studying pre law in my senior year of high school which allowed me to focus on my career path. Many students simply need the right push or exposure to the rewarding field of law. Once we are successful our hope is many of the selected studends will enter the legal profession."

The Bar Exam

James Caplan went on to say the key to passing the bar examinations is contained in one word: ARTICULATION. Articulation is expressive of the following basic fundamentals: good language, impressive presentation, logical reasoning and substantial background knowledge of law and procedure. The examinee has to have a fairly good command of English, assuming that he is prepared in all other matters, stands definitely with a much better chance of passing.

James Caplan P.A., is an established law firm that is based on the practice of real estate law. A portion of their practice is dedicated to the estimated 7 million people facing foreclosure. Their aim is to find alternatives that will save the client's home while also saving their credit.

If you would like to learn more about James Caplan Law Office LEAP Program please visit their website at

Friday, June 17, 2011

The Latest UK immigration Law under Tier 4 Student Visa

The United Kingdom is a country known for its academic excellence. It has made a mark in high quality education and exposure.  However, more and more foreign students are finding it hard to study in the UK after this thorough immigration law has been implemented. In this new change it is strictly required that foreign students studying in UK colleges and universities must be financially, academically and socially capable. The student must be financially independent to become self-sufficient.

Tier 4 is an immigration route for the non-UK students or foreign students who want to have their education done in a culturally rich country. The latest UK immigration law under tier 4 student visa ensures quality international students that will bring economic stability of the country as they are regarded as the future workforce for economic stability.

Lots of hard time is given by this illegal immigration to the UK government. This is the reason that the government have made amendments to their policies to be more defined on every migration.

Under the UK Tier 4 Student Visa, there are several latest UK immigration law covered. It is a requirement that applicants must have English capacity under the General Certificate of Secondary Education. Any foreign students who wish to study in UK must have a top level course in College or equivalent in the United Kingdom accredited educational institutions.
You are prohibited to study in lower degree level especially if it involves a work placement. This is only allowed if the course is offered by an accredited colleges or university and the training is provided by a trusted sponsor.

Moreover, if an individual are having a course below undergraduate or foundation degree level and wishes to study in UK or Britain he must pass a test showing her English language abilities. Similarly, all requirements stipulated in the UK immigration laws must be accomplished by all applicants.

The usual point based systems implemented by the British government laws to present a scrupulous system allowing individuals to live, work and study in UK. Similarly, allowing anyone to have the capacity to be flexible in many changes imposed by the British government.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Law Student Resumes - Getting The Attention Of Potential Companies

Law student resumes that are properly done are crucial in obtaining stable legal positions. In these times, there is certainly a significant shortage in the availability of jobs. What's far more worrying is that the quantity of unemployed persons seems to have come to a point that searching for work is becoming quite challenging. This can be apparent in several careers, even in the legal sector. Being able to conquer this hurdle is achievable nonetheless. For any lawyer, the first step to locating a position is through preparing a skillfully written resume that will be noticeable from the rest. This is particularly important in the hunt for a placement so this has to be done right.

Job hunters recognize the worth of a resume that demonstrates their qualities and their competencies. In reality, this is actually the most outstanding approach to draw in the interest of a company.

Because of the fact that jobs are rare, it can be anticipated that there will be a number of hopefuls who will possibly be rivalling for a single job. This makes the competition more intense. Chances are, a resume which is plainly made will probably be overlooked. So, it is very crucial that a attorney seizes the attention of an employer right from the start. And this is possible with a well presented and accurately crafted resume.

A resume needs to be excellently prepared to be notable among a pile of other job applications. This is especially crucial for the juniors and those who are making attempts to get employed for the very first time. Whether or not they are still undergraduates, or if it is an internship or clerkship, or an attorney possessing a title, there is a need to be equipped with a well crafted professional legal resume. Nevertheless this can turn into a huge problem for an individual who has yet to have working experience as well as has to acquire competencies? Though this may be the scenario, anybody can get through this with a well-crafted resume.

Practical knowledge and abilities are primary factors that employers will look for in probable in-house lawyers. For those who have acquired satisfactory understanding and experience from several years of being in the industry, this really is one aspect which will come rather simple whenever enumerating abilities and giving an account of their realistic track record. A lot of businesses will keep an eye out for these in each and every resume they inspect. The majority of neophytes will be tempted to focus on technical knowledge as well as the acquired skills, nevertheless they are insufficient. The other things that ought to be stressed within law student resumes will be passions, interests as well as commitment towards institutions. These elements, once outlined, give possible employers a definite idea on the level of determination a student can execute. These will reveal the enthusiasm he has for the industry he is in.

In a ruthless setting, law student resumes that shine have better possibilities of getting results. A student will definitely possess limited expertise as well as practical practical experience. If on the lookout for his very first position, his most powerful weapon would be a showcase of his capabilities and his potential. He could provide these within a well crafted resume that gives a comprehensive description of his enthusiasm. Describing his enthusiasm for his selected vocation can give him the break he requires.