Friday, February 26, 2010

Sports Law

Sports law generally covers parts of the law that govern sporting activities and associations. Sports law does not control the rules within games, this is left up to the internal governing bodies to make rules to enforce for example, FIFA makes the majority of rules and regulations for football.

The common areas of sport law are the licensing of airguns, sports for schools, fishing, coaching, equality and gender differences. While these are not necessarily governed by the government, they do have a role to play.

One area of sports law is the regulations involving airguns. An airgun will be classed as such if it is powered by air and that as a rifle, it must be under 12 foot pounds force. A pistol must be under 6 foot pounds force. If the airgun is anything above these limits, it will be classed as a Section 1 firearm and the owner will need a firearms certificate.

Only those over the age of 18 can buy airguns and ammunition. Anyone over 18 can carry an airgun but it can only be used in certain places. They can also be transported in public as long as they are not loaded and out of view. If you are under the age of 18 but over the age of 14, are able to use an airgun under adult supervision. The same goes for those under 14 but it must be on private property.

Fishing in the UK is also governed by sports law. In the UK, you must have a fishing license if you want to fish. Prices of licenses vary for how long the license lasts; the type of fish the angler wishes to catch and the age of the angler. A fishing license is known as an National Rod License and they can be applied for at the post office and the environmental agency. In the UK there are fishing seasons in place to stop fishing at the time when fish spawn in order to encourage more fish to grow.

Sports in schools have been a very relevant topic in this area recently due to the growing rise in obesity amongst children in the UK. Physical Education (PE) is now compulsory in schools up until the age of 16.

Sports coaches must adhere to certain regulations, most importantly they need to ensure that there is no discrimination on their part. They must also make sure they maintain a professional working relationship with the student, avoiding any inappropriate contact. A coach should not encourage any violations of the rules of the game that they teach. A coach may also not advertise themselves falsely; they must be honest about their level of ability and qualifications in the area that they teach. They must also ensure the safety of their student at all times.

The Equality Act 2010 has been an important landmark in sports law. It states that sports clubs cannot discriminate against someone if they have any kind of disability. Sports clubs must also make reasonable adjustments to their facilities so that they can be accessed by the disabled.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

How To Find A Good Law Tutor In London

Various types of private law tuitions are offered by different companies in London. Choosing a London law tutor may seem to be difficult, but it is not so. When searching for private law tutor he has to decide for which subject or subjects he wants tuition or for combination of both professional and academic courses and whether it is for undergraduate and GDL subjects. All private law tutors are not expert in all subjects. Tutor who has special qualification in his required subject is good. If he wants private law tuition for various subjects then it is better to get the assistance of agency. These agencies will help in getting different law tutors for various subjects. The purpose of getting the law tutor whether he wants for covering the whole law course or to fine tune his easy writing and crucial exam techniques.

A Private Law Tutor will take care of both his aim and needs. The law tutor will help him in achieving his goal, but it is more important for him to decide what he wants to achieve. It will also help in answering what style of law tuition he wants to pursue.

He has to decide whether he wants to have tutor individually, in groups or by distance education deciding the style of learning is more important for satisfaction in tuition. Choosing the proper style of tuition is essential for achieving his goals. If he wants tuition for his whole course content he can have tuition either individually or in groups. Individual and small group tuition is the best option to improve and get higher marks in the exam and also for improving his writing skills and tactics for exams. But if he decides to have the tuition through distance education his Private law tutor must be an IT expert to give his tuition efficiently. Then, he has to choose the individual tutor or tutors according to his needs. There are law tutors, who are teaching professional in universities with good experience and also fresh graduates. It is important for him to search and select an appropriate tutor to meet his requirements. Unless he comes in contact with his Private Law Tutor he cant predict whether he has chosen the apt tutor.

Trial sessions are offered by Bloomsbury law tutors for only . Anybody can go and meet the tutors. Even if it doesnt suit him there are other tutors. If he is clear in his goals and needs he is sure to get a good Private Law Tutor to help him in achieving his aim.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Importance of Equine law

Equine means characteristics of a Horse, so Equine law is what related to horse and all the areas involving horse dealings. These areas covers buying and selling of horses, related disputes, Horse riding injuries, compensation claims, equestrian properties and business, veterinary malpractice and all related issues. Earlier Equine trade is just done with a handshake but these days it becomes very important to have a written agreement while dealing in horse business, which includes all details of the dealings as well as sales details, money issues and any future disputes having chance to arise.

According to an estimate 4.3 million people take part in horse related activities every year, it shows the need and importance of Equine law and this number will definitely increase after the 2012 London Olympics.

So people dealing in equine activities must aware about the existence of law and its importance so while having horse business they do not feel cheated. British Equestrian Federation deals in equine activities and to deal in horse trade the body governed is British Equestrian Trade Association.
While signing a contract for the purchase of a horse, always consider some important points in it so that you won’t face any legal issues. According to Equine Activity Liability Act “Ride at your own risk” that means if you do not have something with you in writing, even law cannot help for being cheated. So a well written and proper liability release can help you come under the lawsuit. Some main points which should be considered while signing a release like both included parties, risk covers, waiver provides and rider’s previous information. The applicability of the release may differ according to state law.

One important aspect of Equine law is Health and safety requirements of a horse business. Anyone in horse business should be familiar to Health and safety legislation. It is very important to keep yourself up to date about health and safety which is a general requirement for any formal inspection from the concern department. Any instance of non-compliance may results in heavy fine. So some basic things should be considered:-

Any minor accident or injury either to some staff member or visiting public should be treated with first-aid. Keep the record in business accident book.

Any major accident or some certain types of accidents and injuries like Breaks and Fractures, Dislocation of hips and shoulder joint should be reported to Health and Safety Executive.
Employee liability insurance is required in this business just like any other business so that protection can be provided to the employees.

After the detail of the things which a businessman should consider to follow Equity law now we will check the options available for the people who buy. Purchasing a horse is just like buying any other good, so any dispute about the quality of the horse or any unfair deal will be treated under sale of goods law. So whenever you have to buy some horse first of all get detailed knowledge of Equine law.
Importance of Equine law is unmatched for the people dealing in the industry.

Friday, February 5, 2010

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