Sunday, December 27, 2009

Smoking Law Violated by Students

While Fresno State policy limits the smoking population to designated smoking areas, not all students are aware they exist. There are currently 25 selected areas for students, staff, faculty and guests of the university to use while they are smoking.

These areas are located across the campus, and are marked with benches and a specific ashbin to discard the remnants of their discount cigarette. In 2003, the Smoke-Free Campus Policy was established to help provide a "healthy, comfortable, and productive environment for the students, faculty and staff of this campus." The policy does not ban people from smoking on campus, but only limits the use to specific locations. The policy also restricts tobacco products from being sold or distributed on campus through the use of venues such as vending machines, and the Kennel Bookstore.

These designated smoking areas have been assigned to areas of the campus within a reasonable distance of each other and are evenly spread around the campus.

The smoking community is asked to use these designated areas instead of other common areas, or smoking and walking around campus. "I would rather see people use the smoking areas instead of walk throughout the campus and smoke," Anthony Kupina, a mechanical engineer major said. "If there is a policy they should do the responsible thing and follow it."

Amy Armstrong, the public information officer for the University Police Department discussed the role the university police officers participate in to uphold this policy.

"If an officer sees someone smoking where they are not supposed to be, the officer will approach them and educate them on the policy," Armstrong said. "Usually they comply with officers."

Armstrong explained that if the person does not follow the orders of the officer or if someone has repeat offenses Risk Management will join forces with the University Police Department to help enforce the situation. Officers around campus are there to help promote and educate people about this smoking policy. "Since I have been working here at Fresno State I have not seen any paperwork of someone not complying with an officer regarding the smoking policy," Armstrong said. While the police department is not seeing many problems with people resisting the policy, many students are completely unaware of the policy during their years at Fresno State. "I never knew there is a smoking policy that limits where I can smoke," Gilbert Felix, a third year political science major said. "I wish there were better signs around campus that indicate where specifically we can smoke. If I was better educated of this policy I would have never broken it." While this policy has been in place for many years now, the university has found problems in promoting it.

Armstrong explained that the entire campus has a responsibility in promoting and educating people about this policy. She explained that college is like a revolving door, and the university continuously has to promote this policy in order for everyone to be educated about it every single year.

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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Law summer abroad

The Law
Legal Education

You can study law in Australia at any of its 28 law schools, many with over 100 years of history whilst others are brand new, being perhaps only a few years old. All of them welcome students from outside Australia - subject, of course, to the school's academic standards being met.

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The legal education you would receive in these law schools is varied. Some, for example, place particular emphasis on developing practical skills as well as knowledge and understanding of the law. Others ensure that their students develop a critical perspective on the law, setting it in economic, political, historical or philosophical contexts. Others, still, have a more 'black letter law' approach.

In Australia, many law graduates go on from law school to seek admission to practice as a lawyer.

To be able to do this, they have to show the admitting authorities in the various States and Territories that they have studied at least 11 areas of legal knowledge. These areas are criminal law and procedure, torts, contracts, property, equity, company law, administrative law, federal and state constitutional law, civil procedure, and evidence. As a result, whichever law school you attend, you will find that it offers these 11 areas of legal study.

But all law courses have other optional subjects, with a wide range to choose from, other than the 'core' subjects listed above. When choosing a law school, you might wish to explore the subjects that they offer; for example, if your interests are in the commercial area, you might want to choose a law school with a good range of subjects in commercial law. A description of the main undergraduate degrees in all of the law schools can be found in the Lawasia Directory of Law Courses in the Asia and Pacific Regions. To obtain a copy, contact the Centre for Legal Education in Sydney, Australia (fax: +61 2 9221 6280; email:

A strong emphasis in Australian legal education is on developing your intellectual skills - to think critically, to write clearly, and to be able to develop and support an argument. It is not about learning things by heart. So although you must be ready to read widely, you would also need to think deeply, and with a critical outlook. If you have already graduated in another discipline, your law degree would be of three years in length. If you have recently finished your secondary schooling, your degree would probably be four years duration.

However, a feature of legal education in Australia is that most school leavers go on to what we call a 'double degree': that is, in a five year period a student undertakes two degrees in parallel - one of them law and the other might be Arts, Commerce or Science. You may wish to undertake such a double degree - in fact the law school of your choice may not admit you unless you did so. In that case, you would finish your tertiary education in Australia with two degrees.

You would have to pay a tuition fee of at least ,000 for each year, maybe up to about ,000. Of course, as well as this there would be living expenses. All of Australia's universities provide assistance to foreign students, including help with accommodation, study skills and so on.

There is no central body with which to enrol to study law. If there is an Australian Education Centre near to you (perhaps at the Australian Embassy or High Commission), you can seek their assistance. There is also a booklet, called Studying Law in Australia. It contains a great deal of information on all of Australia's law schools, living in Australia, and the Australian legal system. You should be able to get a copy at an Australian Education Centre. You can also access it on the Web at If these courses are not successful, contact the Centre for Legal Education.

In Australia, you cannot be admitted and practice as a lawyer unless you have a law degree and have undertaken legal training. This takes the form of a practical training course of up to about six months, during which time you undergo a form of work experience called articles of clerkship.

You will need to find out about this further phase of legal training if your plan is to be admitted as an Australian lawyer. If your interest is in undertaking postgraduate studies at an Australian law school, you can find out more about the wide-ranging programs of postgraduate studies in Studying Law in Australia. You can undertake a certificate, diploma, masters or doctorate, depending on the law school you choose and your area of interest. Fees for these courses are also in Studying Law in Australia.

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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Private Student Loan - Panacea To Financial Problems For Students

In the present world, education is mandatory for every human being. In fact, its the only source to gift you prosperity for the rest of your life. With the progress of time, educational facilities are increasing and career enthusiasts are getting more and more boosted. Diverse convenient learning mediums are being offered to students so that they can smoothly pursue their desired course in time as well as with comfort. In the last few years, plenty of academic institutions have come up with courses and career based programs. However, many are failing to afford the educational costs and as a result, their desires are getting shattered. To take care of such victimized students, plenty of financial institutions are offering private student loan.

There are many schools available throughout the globe that offer financial support to poor students. However, these loans are provided for a particular time period. Private student loan is quite easy to opt. They are among the convenient sources for seeking financial assistance for education. A private student loan can be accessed on credit.

One of the advantages of private student loans is that you can exhaust the amount for any reason you wish. Be it for for books, tuition classes or transportation, private student loans can be used for any of these. Prior to applying a private student loan, always calculate the entire college expenses.

The full application process of a student loan is very simple. It involves no complications as well. The best part is that the lender is least bothered whether you are a graduate or in progress. Neither are they concerned of the fact whether you are pursuing a full time or a part time course. Therefore, its always better to apply for a student loan from private agents rather than from banks.

As a matter of fact, banks come up with strict rules and laws for all loan borrowers. In most of the cases, it becomes difficult to get a loan granted from the bank authorities. So, its always advisable to get in touch with a private student loan agent. They come up with a handful of simple questions to answer. Now, there are no particular rules in applying for a private student loan. However, borrowers should keep a number of things in mind.

Firstly, you should always try to maintain a crystal clear credit report. Do ensure that your report is sans any error for this might instead lead to a negative impression and you might fail to convince your lender. However, if you are having any such error in your report, inform the credit bureau as soon as possible. Your next step is to get a document in a written form so that all your errors are waived off. Remember, the more your score, the more opportunity you get to receive a private student loan.

Defaulted student loan can always have a negative effect on your personal life as well as your financial record. Even if you are holding a default status, lenders might help you in making your account active.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Business in London

London, alongside New York City and Tokyo, is one of the three powerhouses of world economy which obviously makes it an international center for commerce and for many businesses. In spite of being the capital city of a tiny island, London has in its favor the fact that English is the dominant language of most businesses and the fact that the most common and important contract law in international business is English law. 

The largest industry in London is finance, with over five hundred overseas banks, insurers and accounting firms. Canary Wharf, in the Docklands area in the east of the city, is fast developing into the second financial district in the London, playing proud host to the global headquarters of HSBC and Barclays, as well as Reuters and Clifford Chance, the largest law firm in the world. In spite of the current economic world crisis, London is still a highly influential centre of finance, although many jobs have unfortunately been lost in the recession.

Second to banking and finance, the most influential industry in London is the media industry. The BBC and other broadcasting companies are based in London, while most of the national newspapers are edited in the city. The BBC is not only one of the largest news centres in the world, but also makes numerous documentaries, films and television series which range from sitcoms and dramas to gardening and cookery programs. Many films are shot in London, both in the streets and studios, and this not only creates revenue from the film production, but also encourages people to visit the places that they see on cinema screens.

Another important industry in London is tourism. The millions of people who flock there every year have made it the most popular city in the world; more popular by far than the cities of Bangkok and Paris which are ranked second and third. Millions of pounds change metaphorical hands every day as people from all over the world come to spend money, make money, nurture money and all too often, steal money as well.

Heathrow Airport in London is said to be one of the busiest centres of air traffic in the world. This is not surprising as thousands of people arrive every hour from many different places to do business, to visit, or to catch a flight connection: logically just as many people depart every hour otherwise within days London would be packed to overflowing with surplus humanity. If planning a business trip to London, you may want to find accommodation close to the airport, or close to the office. Whatever location you choose, will be able to provide you with a wide choice of cheap hotels to make your booking an easy one.